Character: Father Tireless
1 Feb, 2021 spire art kirilot

To celebrate playing another game of Spire with Alone in the Labyrinth, I got my character sketched!

A very nice person drew him for me, find Kiril here or on insta.

My character’s a middle-aged carrion-priest, who cares for the downtrodden drow in the city of Spire from his small temple. The hyenas consume the dead and ensure the souls pass up to god.

That’s not even my character, that’s just a stock class in Spire. My actual character is that Father Friendly, who helps the needy by summoning magical offal (stock spell!) is also a ruthless hunter of those that have wronged him or fellow drow. He has a brutal prey-hook, can summon a murder of crows, and his hyena is pretty handy in a fight too.

A Carrion-priest, holding meat in one hand and a scary dagger in the other. A raven sits on the dagger and hyenas guard him. He is smiling.
Father Tireless