AAR: Heart of the Atom Isa
28 Mar, 2021 hypertellurians

It’s Hypertellurians time again! I ran the Heart of the Atom Isa over two sessions, and it finished with the party sledging down a mountain on a moon, on a wave of alien mucus. So, if you take nothing else away from this, then you can do some very silly sci-fi.

A rocket-ship
The Atom Isa

The party’s rocket, the Atom Isa, has its heart stolen from it, and they have to get it back from Argencia, who is seen on the ship’s logs - departing for the tremendostaceans of the Zelteen nomads. The party are:

Hypertellurians: Some thoughts
30 Nov, 2020 hypertellurians

Hypertellurians is beautiful. It’s a lovely book, with wonderful evocative art, and a bunch of really interesting “features” to stack on top of “archetypes” (like classes but more thematic and less capability-based). I won’t go through the book because other people have done it better.

Having prepped and run a single game, though, how was it?

AAR: Hypertellurians The First
29 Nov, 2020 hypertellurians

Finally, finally, I pulled the trigger and tried running a Hypertellurians game. This was done in Discord, with three players. It took about three hours, including us all learning the game. We used Avrae for rolls and I made a Google sheet character keeper but we ended up using the provided pre-gens on the Mottokrosh website.

Unfortunately, this means no pictures.

What I want to play next: September 2020
12 Sep, 2020 next ultraviolet grasslands delve ex novo hypertellurians delve humblewood beak feather bone

Short post here, here’s the games in my “to-play” pile, sorted by immediacy. I thought it would be a nice way of keeping track of stuff that’s caught my eye.

Games I’ve not played yet: