Artefact After-Action Report
11 Aug, 2020 artefact mousehole press

Over the last few weeks I’ve been playing Artefact, by Mousehole Press. I wrote some words about it already. In case I didn’t mention before, it’s pretty. Admire how pretty it is, again.

The pretty green Artefact zine

Technically, one should play it in one or two sessions and think solemn thoughts as you meditate on being left behind. I didn’t do that. The game has setup (which I did wrong) and three acts, and I did those all on separate days.

2 Aug, 2020 artefact solo kickstarter
So on another Kickstarter I backed the luxury version of Artefact. I didn’t know I was backing a luxury thing, I just like getting physical stuff in the post, and for the (comparatively rare) 🇬🇧 RPGs, I can order at much cheaper postage. Well, it arrived, and it’s very lovely indeed. The idea of Artefact is, from the website: ARTEFACT is a story game for one player, designed for contemplative solo play.