My name is Stephen, I used the pronouns he and him. I’m an elder millenial, a programmer who plays a lot of video and tabletop games.

I won’t lie, I’m not a great DM, think of me as a “terrible warning” rather than a “good example”. I don’t track ammo, or encumbrance, but neither can I run a game off three scrawled bullet-points on a napkin. Here’s another attempt at a blog, I want to start remembering my opinions of different RPG systems and modules, and just in case anyone is interested, I’ll also write them here.

I’ll also throw in some old stuff as well, make sure I don’t lose some old notes I have on previous hobbies 😬

Also if a piece of tech gets me cross enough I’ll probably write about here too. Especially if it’s JavaScript. Or this blog for that matter, which still doesn’t look right, or show a list of posts…