Chocolate Christmas decorations

22 Dec, 2020, updated 22 Dec, 2020 chocolate christmas toblerone

So, I, uh, bought another giant Toblerone. Now I have 4.5kg of chocolate to use up.

Yes, they come as a single bar of giant one-pound triangles πŸ”ΊπŸ”ΊπŸ”Ί. It looks awesome but is a very impractical way of eating them. Each triangle is about the size of a “normal large” bar. Normally I just chop it up and we eat it like popcorn (i.e. in quantity).

However, every now and again, I’ll try doing something with it

A plate of chocolate decorations

I melted a triangle, then tipped the molten Toblerone into cookie moulds. I also tried tipping it into a slab and then cutting it with a knife when it was soft, but that wasn’t terribly successful. If you can wait for the chocolate to get to the barely-tacky stage then you can imprint like cookie dough but the lines aren’t as good.

I tried to do this through melting only some chocolate then mixing in shredded-solid chocolate to lower the temperature but really I think I’d need a marble slab and to to do the whole tempering thing. For a bit of variety some are sprinkled with sprinkles (aha) and maple sugar, but they already have chunks in.

These ornaments are no longer tempered so they’ll bloom - hence only making them a few days before πŸŽ„. By putting stacked moulds inside each other I made holes for the tree. We also tried poking holes in while they were soft, which has sort of worked.

A chocolate decoration on a christmas tree

Will they last?

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