Smuggler’s beach hideout

31 Aug, 2020, updated 31 Aug, 2020 cliff dungeon beach

Well, I bought Dungeondraft. I regret it only in the sense that drawing maps is now my life. Roughly, the workflow:

  1. Paint the terrain (and water)
  2. Paint the cave
  3. Plot the dungeon walls
  4. Draw the cliff-tops as a path that can be edited
  5. Drop on lights, tables, torches, mushrooms, rocks
  6. Export
A tactical map of a beach with a dungeon opening in the cliff

70px for roll20

I don’t have a strong concept for this, and it shows a little. It’s supposed to be a natural cave that extends into a small cavern, that someone has then tunnelled into a hideaway. It contains a living space and a storage area (south) with loot in it.

Players have a choice of paths into the hideout:

  1. Through the cavern, which should have some trapper-type enemies, or a few oozes. An encounter here could raise noise - maybe try to just push things into the chasm.
  2. Through the very narrow passageway that heroes will have to Squeeze through. DM’s choice if anything actually attacks, but the heroes should definitely be worried about this while at disadvantage. Even bats are going to be a pain in the arse.
Same image without a grid

Ungridded version

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