Rebranding, and also fiddling

14 Aug, 2020, updated 16 Aug, 2020 meta

The site’s changed name. Welcome to the Source of Entropy! 🎉 There’s still few images and no logo, but I’d rather get content right first. It’s good for a couple of reasons:

  1. Entropy is used for getting good random numbers in computers
  2. Random numbers are good for playing games like RPGs
  3. Doesn’t show up on Google already (other search engines available)
  4. I’m a source of entropy as I don’t tidy up to my wife’s standards

I wanted something a better more memorable than a nickname I only use on half the social networks around.

Sorry if you have this site on aggregator and all the articles arrived as new again. I noticed I’ve been using the wrong directory for posts (it’s post, Hugo fans). Correcting the directory means the paths are different and that’s what’s used to mark the post IDs.


I’d say it won’t happen again, but I can’t keep that promise!

Edit: it happened again. Turns out I can configure the URLs generated per post so they’re not terrible by default. Wish I’d done that sooner 😒

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