AAR: The chicken thief

23 Jun, 2020, updated 25 Aug, 2020 aime cubicle 7 lotr

The next adventure introduces an NPC but not for long and I thought it would be fun to introduce them early. Mugwort, a hobbit NPC in the Pony had alleged a chicken thief was due to “them no-good Rangers”. It’s supposed to be a hook for another monster up to no good. But what if it was a Ranger?


This was a single 2hr session on Discord, with Sidekick for rolls, and an encounter map on Google Sheets.

The players follow Mugwort and humour the ever-loving shit out of him while he prattles his conspiracy theories. However, a plan is needed to catch the “ranger”.

The hobbit slayer bravely hides in the chicken coop while the rest of the party climbs a tree. When Tarry-Mack the Ranger opens the roof of the coop he is beset by a screaming hobbit! Some skill rolls were in here because it is fun when things go wrong sometimes.

Poor Tarry-Mack has to talk everyone down, and calm the party, and confess that he’s been taking the chickens to catch a Barrow-wight. However it’s not theft because he’s been leaving good money for them. Oh yeah, Mugwort didn’t mention the money.

The party then come help fight the Barrow-wight. This was the bit I didn’t do right, the Barrow-wight was no challenge for the party because I used it all wrong. It should have used hit and run tactics, using its Fear aura power. The Vineyard map I picked had some nice options for breaking site lines and everything.

I kept it still and fought hand-to-hand. Also it had some unlucky rolls, and the action economy was against it.

However, the players had fun in a silly game, so: win. Also, not every encounter has to be hard! I’d just prefer easy monsters to be easy and hard ones to be hard!


  1. Think more about monster tactics
  2. 2MTT encounters are pretty
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