Nana nana nana nana, BATMAN!

19 Aug, 2014, updated 20 Dec, 2020 stained glass batman

Stained glass batman logo

A friend’s birthday came up, waay back in 2012, and I made him a small batman logo. Actually too small, this is A5 sized and was difficult to get the detail in. I added hooks at the top corners to hang it but as a piece of art it’s a bit difficult to put somewhere. Happily its colours are strong enough that it doesn’t require light behind it to work. Still took about a day though. I think this was when I discovered they don’t joke about the warnings on the bottles in this hobby and the patina wash I’d got over my now painful hands was nitric acid!

Stained glass batman logo in pieces

After grinding

In retrospect, this would have looked a bit nicer with a bezel round it perhaps. Or without the blue background and it could have been in a window or on the Christmas tree.

Stained glass batman logo with copper foil

Before soldering

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